NewClear Audio NC1000L Amplifier


The NewClear Audio NC1000L Amplifier heralds a paradigm shift in the cost of a superior amp. Never before has so much been available for so little. We are not talking about a good amp for the money. The NC1000L is a tremendous amp at any price, and coincidentally is very affordable.

How does NewClear Audio do this?

The amp is based around the B&O ICEpower 1000ASP module, which pairs a switch mode power supply with a PWM output section. An ultra high grade Lundahl input transformer is utilized for very low noise/wide bandwidth/high dynamics. The metalwork enclosure is well finished with Gold RCA Unbalanced and Gold XLR Balanced Inputs, Gold Output Binding Posts, and billet faceplate.

How does the NewClear Audio NC1000L sound?

This is the fun part, it has a startling clarity and focus coupled with seemingly limitless power and bottom end extension/control. The delivery is unflappable, never congested, and some how it does all this while running at room temperature - the ICEpower amp is extremely efficient.

Some have suggested this may be the best amp under $10K, we believe it outperforms many over $10K, including most reference Class A amps. You may also be aware that the same B&O ICEpower 1000ASP module is used in several well known audiophile amplifiers priced at $4,000/pr, $6,900/pr and even $30,000!


Lundahl Input Transformers

A Better Amp Than You Can Afford?

  • Dual Mono (Stereo) Amplifier
  • 500 Watts/Channel at 8 Ohms & 1000 Watts/Channel at 4 Ohms
  • Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA Inputs
  • Silver Plated Copper in Teflon Audio Cabling from DH Labs
  • ICEpower Modules
  • Lundahl Input Transformers
  • Select Cryogenic Treatment

No, A Better Amp That You Can Afford.