NC1000L Reviews

Adam Golfine of Positive Feedback - Latest Review

“The sound of the NC1000L is effortless and extremely nuanced, allowing the subtle shades of each instrument's timbre to shine through. The effect is very emotional. After nearly four decades of listening to high end audio gear it all boils down to this question; do I enjoy myself while I'm listening? Do I feel moved by the music and the musicians, is life being breathed in to what I'm hearing, and do the hairs stand up on the back of my neck? The answer with the NC1000L is yes, yes, yes and yes.” Full Review

Chris Groppi of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

-Conclusions about the New Clear Audio NC1000L Amplifier...
When I reviewed the Emotiva XPA-1s, I said they'd be pried from my cold, dead fingers. I was a bit premature. At the time, I couldn't imagine an amp that could better the XPA-1 for a similar price. The NC1000L has done it. It's a bit more expensive than a pair of XPA-1s at $2950, but the price is certainly in the same ballpark. And for that extra $950 you get an amp that's better in every way, while being much smaller, lighter and cooler running.

Just like the XPA-1, the New Clear amp absolutely stomps most similarly priced competition. The amp sounds like it should cost at least double what it does, if not more. Sean Brady powers top of the line $22,000 Usher BE-20 speakers in his own home using a pair of NC1000Ls. As a dealer, he could really use anything, but he uses the New Clear. Let me tell you this, if you can find a better amp than the NC1000L for anywhere near its $2950 asking price, buy it. I will almost certainly replace my XPA-1s with the New Clear NC1000L, and it's not because I was disappointed with the XPA-1s. The NC1000L is just that good.” Full Review

Paul Rigby of World HiFi Magazine

“Conclusion: The NewClear NC1000L is arguably the best incarnation of the ICEpower modular design yet. It thoughtful implementation provides a perfect niche solution for those who enjoy high=energy music or bass-significant output. Verdict: Providing strength and power, this is one muscle-bound amp that offers heaps of musicality.”

Jeff Dorgay of TONEaudio Exceptional Value Awards for 2013:

"Low powered amplifiers are always fun to take for a spin, but I always go back to high power at the end of the day, and the NC1000L delivers the goods.  I mentioned Magnepans at the beginning of the review, and after about a month with both the 1.7 and 3.7, unless you are going to drop upwards of $15k on an amplifier, the NC1000L is the amplifier for you – at an introductory price of $2,600." Full Review

Adam Goldfine - 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online Writers Choice Award for 2012 The Best of the Best!

“Until my experience with the Spectron Musician III Mk. 2 amplifier I reviewed in Issue 44, I was not a class D fan. That amp irrevocably altered that perception, taking its place among the best amps I've heard, hands down. Now, the NewClear NC1000L provides some serious competition at an introductory price of $2600 including shipping. The NC1000L is a dual mono class D design based on the B&O 1000ASP module. It delivers 500 wpc into 8 Ohms and 1000 into 4. The sound is effortlessly musical, fast and nuanced. If your speakers can handle it the enormous reserves of power make for a startling explosive presentation. The amp features a Lundahl input transformer, DH Labs silver plated internal wiring and a three year warranty. Solid-state and tube lover lovers alike; if you are in the market for a new amp, put this one on your must audition list.”

Jeff Dorgay of TONEaudio New Product of the Year Award 2012:

"High end audio is always a set of calculated compromise. Some products offer more performance, others more functionality and others spiffier look and feel for the money. For this reason, we have never used the phrase “giant killer” in this magazine, because there aren’t any. But there have been a history of products at their introduction that concentrate strictly on high performance and while overhead is low, can offer tremendous sound quality for the price asked. We think the New Clear NC1000L is exactly this type of product. This Class-D amplifier, producing 500 watts per channel is robustly built, enclosed in modest casework, with a level of refinement that rivals far more expensive amplifiers.”

From Simon on May 12, 2014 via email:

“First and foremost, the Amps arrived in perfect condition and were set up and running within an hour of arrival.

My first step was to unhook the EC5 power amp and run a balanced signal to the NCL units. I had Take5 Audio in Canada make two splitter interconnects so that there were no issues with sound. Even with new speaker cables, it was immediately apparent that the lower register response from the NCL units was significantly better - bigger, more immediate and more detail. I listened for a couple of days before deciding that I thought the EC5 pre-amp was probably not delivering everything that the NCL1000’s could use.

As a result, I removed the EC5 completely and inserted a Brinkmann Marconi Pre-amp. Its significant capacity to deliver detail and immediacy was capitalised upon by the NCL1000’s, to great effect. The net result is absolutely stunning sound - accurate, detailed and musical - delivering as close to whatever was recorded as I think we’ll probably hear. They are simply fantastic Amps!

My colleague who builds the speakers is coming down to Melbourne shortly and I also have my main audio supplier coming over to listen to them. I think they stand up to pretty much anything I have heard, regardless of price.  Of course, at the price they are unbelievable and I think Michael is likely to start recommending them to various of his clients once he has heard them. In fact, I think he may order a set for himself.

Anyhow, sorry for the long rambling email. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the Amps and to thank you for providing me with something that will deliver countless hours of joy in the years ahead.”

Posted by boboli on February 1, 2012 on

“I purchased a class D amplifier this past September after suffering through another Phoenix summer with my ARC monoblocks. It is an amp manufactured by one of our local dealers. It is called a NewClear NC1000L, based on the B&O ICE power module, which I have always found fatiguing in the past. I auditioned it at length and really found no drop-off in my listening pleasure and a great increase in my listening time due to the lack of heat. Now that it is winter, I do go back and forth between them and I can listen to the tubes at length. I do love sitting in the dark and watching the tubes glow in the winter. I still can't hear any difference. I hope to invite some friends from the Az Audio Club to come over and give me their opinions. I am loath to sell the tube amps because they have proved themselves over time and they just look cool, even if they run hot. I don't know what the NewClear people did to make this amp sound so good, but it is a keeper for me and I look forward to year round listening for the first time in a while.”

From Monte E. on January 28, 2013 via email:

“I recently purchased an NC1000 from you. I use a Krell KRC3 preamp with a Clearaudio Champion Magnum TT paired with a Maestro MM cartridge, phono preamp is a Moon LP5.3. To a set of Wilson Grand Slamm speakers. All I can say is Outstanding. I listen to a lot of vinyl, the imaging and detail of the music is incredible. Hands down your amp has my vote.